Friday, January 28, 2011

Total Annilaltion - Cave Dog

This post is for any gamers that read my blog.

Total Annihilation is a robotic war game where the aim of the game is to annihilate your opponent from the entire universe.
Total Annihilation is a strategy game, and was released on September 30, 1997, by Cave Dog.
After Total Annihilation was released two expansions were also released Core Contingency, and Battle Tactics, giving the game more maps, units, and missions.
You can play the missions, skirmish, or multi-player, I would say multi-player is the best, but if you don't have other people at the same skill level to play with, or you only have one computer, skirmish is almost just as good as multi-player, the only difference is you are versing computer players instead of humans. Skirmish is also great for practicing for multi-player games, some of the missions really challenge your skill and give you a good idea of where your skill is at by what difficulties you can set it on and still complete them. The modern day game of Total Annihilation is Supreme Commander based on Total Annihilation, and designed by the same lead designer as Total Annihilation, Chris Taylor.

To defeat your opponent you must gather resources and use them to create your armies and base defense, the more resources you gather earlier on in the game gives you a better chance of getting your base defense up if you play defensive, or starting your army production if you are an offensive player. I'm a defensive player most of the time, until I have my base defense up then I turn to offensive.

For a 14 year old game it's still definitely worth playing.

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Anna Maria said...

I'll agree with that! It's the best of all the games we own, in my opinion.