Thursday, January 27, 2011

Almond Flour Cooking

Two weeks ago we received an almond flour cook book in the mail, since then I have made; almond flour pancakes, bread, banana choc chip cake, and date scones, [Which were meant to be apricot but I had to substitute for dates].
The pancakes and bread were from the authors blog not from the cook book.

The pancakes were great, far better then I thought they would be, the only problem with them was a strong flavor of almond, I soon found by adding more honey and vanilla I got rid of the almond taste.

The bread tastes great smeared with butter and saturated in honey especially while it's still hot, my only problem with it is it does not rise.

The banana choc chip cake was fantastic it was more of a moist cake then one of those dry cakes, which I thought was great, the only problem was I'm not really allowed to have choc chips, so next time I will have to have it without them.

The date/apricot scones were great and tasted nice with honey or butter or even just by itself.


Ruby said...

Hi Legolas! That almond flour cooking sounds great!
Oh, and I know I'm supposed to be a total lotr geek, but I'm not yet fluent in elvish. What does the elvish phrase at the end of the post mean?

Legolas said...

Hi Ruby

The elvish at the end is a combination of elvish from the Inheritance Cycle-Christopher Paolini, and LOTR I was limited to 25 characters so I had to mix it up.

It means "May good fortune rule over you", its out of the Inheritance Cycle.
Have you read it?


Ruby said...

Hi Legolas

That's a nice phrase! Thanks for translating for me! I haven't read the Inheritance Cycle, but I've been wanting to read it for a while. I'll read it as soon as I can. I'm reading a pretty long book at the moment, and then I have a whole lot of books to read for school. I'll try to read it next holidays.


Saxon said...

I LOOOOVE cooking. (though eating the stuff you cook is even funner)