Monday, October 5, 2009

Rising Of The Black Tide

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Gonifred was tiring. The alliance was gathered around making one half of a giant circle, within the gathering was Gonifred’s father. His father looked on in horror as Mordorath held his sword in both hands about to make a final killing blow.

The goblins and octogobs [creatures made by Mordorath] were gathered around, making the other half of the circle, and they were all clashing their swords on their shields or banging the ground with their spears and all this together made a loud drumming sound that got louder and louder, just as it reached its climax Mordorath swung his sword with all his might and power behind it at Gonifred. Gonifred brought his sword up to meet Mordorath’s, the two swords clashed together and Gonifred was lifted off the ground by the force of it. His sword went flying out of his hands and out of the ring of elves, men, dwarves and monsters.

Gonifred came down next to one of his elf swords that had been knocked from his hands earlier; he picked it up and wearily got to his feet. Mordorath lowered his sword so it now pointed at Gonifred and whispered words in the ancient language, Gonifred felt a invisible force pushing him and he flew back again. This time he landed next to a spear that had belonged to a former elfish officer that had fallen in battle. Gonifred quickly sheathed his sword and picked up the spear and hurled it at Mordorath’s head. Mordorath saw it coming just as it was about to hit him and started to duck, the spear didn’t hit its intended target but instead clipped Mordorath’s crown. The crown and spear went spinning to the ground, Gonifred ran at Mordorath before he could recover his crown.

Mordorath held his sword at Gonifred again and whispered more words of the ancient language, and once again Gonifred felt the invisible force trying to knock him off his feet, but he held his ground this time, than he sprang at Mordorath with his sword going for his heart. Mordorath defended the blow but with not quite as much authority as earlier. Mordorath was backing away to where his crown lay a few metres away, Gonifred knew that he must stop Mordorath before he reached his crown, for he knew now the source of Mordorath's power.

Gonifred circled around so now his back was to the crown. The air of the battle field was tense as the EMAD’s now saw a gleam of victory and Mordorath’s monsters had stopped drumming and were uncertain now as to who would win. Gonifred blocked a blow, and then lunged at Mordorath. Mordorath did not see it coming and it sheared though his amour and was stopped by his chain mail, but it didn't go without breaking a few ribs. Mordorath now wounded went into berserker rage, swinging his sword in wild arcs at Gonifred. Gonifred did his best to dodge the blade but Mordorath kept advancing until he was right over his crown, he bent down to retrieve it. Gonifred gave a battle cry and leapt at Mordorath with his sword in both hands, swinging for Mordorath’s neck. Mordorath looked up from his crown and saw the blade coming for his neck, he started to bring his sword up to deflect it but he was to late. Gonifred's sword with all his strength behind it, meet with Mordorath's neck and sheered straight through, Mordorath’s head toppled off and he collapsed to the ground. Mordorath was defeated!


Anna Maria said...

Wonderful!!!! I was griped by the story I could almost see it happening! You have a real gift for writing Legolas!

Gimli said...

verey good