Sunday, October 18, 2009

Honest scrap arward

I have been tagged for the Honest Scrap Award by Anna Maria and Gimli
Here are ten honest facts about me:

1. I can read very fast.

2. I'm only 14 and can already drive a car.

3. I am a big Lord of The Rings, and Rangers Apprentice fan.

4. I am currently writing my own book.

5. I am slow to lose my temper.

6. I enjoy creating board games, [Lord of the Rings is my current one].

7. Last year I grew the most out of my whole family, and I am currently 5ft 11in [178cm].

8. My least favourite meal is mince and spaghetti.

9. I get the honour of planning and making, most of the Christmas desert. My pavlovas are the most popular.

10. This year I was a soccer referee.

I pass this award onto Rogan, Josiah and Tigger.

1 comment:

From the Shack said...

5. I am slow to lose my temper.
...and when I occasionally do, a kind friend with a jar of Kool Fruits will definitely put a smile back on my face;)