Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lord Of The Rings Test

I did the Lord of The Rings test and the character I most resemble is Frodo.

You are most like Frodo. You're very friendly, and you have a great personality. Although you like to have fun, you can also be pretty serious at times. It's pretty hard to get you mad, but once you're mad...everybody better look out! Keep that temper under control and realize that you're better off than you may think.


Anna Maria said...

What are Frodo's characteristics? You don't really remind me of Frodo from what I remember of him.

Anna Maria said...

Thanks, Legolas.

Actually Frodo is a lot like you.

Halt said...

You are like Frodo but I don't no about the mad bit

Erin said...


What a remarkable, accurate assessment of you!