Monday, August 6, 2012


Winter time: The time of cold, the time of no swimming, the time of shorter days and the time of.......FIRES! BURNING OFF! BONFIRES AND IN GENERAL PYROMANIAC ACTS!!! BOOYEAHHHH!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Last night my family lit our bonfire located next to our house (ok so you have got to wonder about the wisdom of it's location....yeah i picked it ;) ) the timber and other flammable materials were very well dried out due to our lack of rain in the past month or two, it made for a very hot fire.

                                   You know it's an awesome bonfire when your roosters start crowing thinking it's daylight!!

Of course the best thing about bonfire's is the marshmallows! :D yum yum.   

Just like to add I think I am improving as I have posted again before my usually 7 month period, it only took me 2 months!! ;)


Anna Maria said...

Great photos!! you can just feel the heat. You're better than me in the posting department, it took me about a year.

Eden said...

good looking bonfire

Nadz said...

O_o that is enormous! Woooow!

Linda said...

OK - you win! I definitely think your bonfire was bigger than ours! Looks like it was a fun night! :)

Legolas said...

Thanks Anna Maria...but i have to admit that mum took the photos :P

Great to hear from you all! :D I am glad to see you have not given up on me blogging! lol

Helena said...

Wow great fire! Looks like lots of fun! :)