Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Musically Challenged Goat

As of late my family and I have been studying English lessons designed by my mother. We have rewritten the endings of well known fairy tales and fables. I find it very enjoyable to let my imagination flow wildly while completing this task.

I have decided to share with you all one of my more 'interesting' endings of a well known fairy tale, The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

....The second billy goat gruff told the fat troll to wait for his older brother who was sure to be much tastier then himself (gotta love these brother's loyalty to each other!) The troll, whose intelligence could be compared to that of a rock, agreed and let the little goaty go free.

Along came the eldest bro clip cloppin' chillin' to his music, he was a punk rocker and a wild one at that! His Goaty hair was arrayed into a spiky mohawk. The troll took one look at this supposedly juicy tidbit and sprang towards him, determined to devour him whole. His strong jaw's snapped shut around the punk rocker's head. A mighty roar escaped the troll's throat as he sprung back releasing the goat. The oldest goat's spiky mohawk had inflicted sever lacerations to the roof of the troll's tender mouth. The punk rocker oblivious to his near death, cranked the volume up on his portable speakers and let the music blare! The troll who was always a classic's man himself couldn't stand it any longer and ran off in disgust to nurse his wounds and find a good classics CD.

The eldest brother joined his family in the lush green meadow.

I completed that in roughly 5 minutes :D
I am looking forward to doing the three little pig's next :P  


Helena said...

That was.. ah.. entertaining! Yep, that's the word!
That's a great (edited) way to finish that story! :D

Legolas said...


Thanks! :D

Anna Maria said...

Weird! you certainly let your imagination run wild on that one. That said it was a more interesting ending then I remember, as I recall the three billy goats gruff didn't have that much going for it before.

Linda said...

LOL! No doubt abnout it, you certainly have a vivid imagination. Definitely a more colourful ending than the original! :)

Legolas said...

Anna Maria

Yep it is a pretty weird one....and there's plenty more where that came from!! :D


Agreed! Thanks :)

Rogan said...

Funny ☺

Erin said...

This still makes me laugh as much as when I first read it. You are indeed an amusing student:)

Linda said...

So did you ever tackle the 'Three Little Pigs'?

Your audience anxiously awaits!