Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Lord of the Rings - Game

My brothers and I decided to make a Lord of the Rings game; after two months of planning, drawing and cutting we finally finished it.

The cardboard counters you see each count as a unit, and on each counter is written the players defence and attack points.

The object of the game is to eliminate your opponent.


All the units are based on characters from The Lord of the Rings movie or book.


~ Judy ~ said...

Hi Legolas!
I'm a blogging friend of your mom's!
I live in the USA and my almost 13 year old son and his 14 year old sister are HUGE LOTR fans.
My son was VERY impressed with your game, and is wondering if you could post more specifics about how you actually "PLAY" it...GAME INSTRUCTIONS so-to-speak.
Thanks and you guys did a REALLY great job!
Those dams sound awesome!
(We have 24 acres and one creek...that always sounded LARGE and EXPANSIVE to me until I read about YOUR house, ha ha)
God bless you Legolas!
Mrs. Dudich

Aussie Bush Kids said...

Mrs Dudich

My brother and I are still working on getting all the instructions on paper, but we could send you what we,ve done so far to your email.