Monday, March 2, 2009

The Rising of the Black Tide

Page 4
Gonifred was ready, he put both swords together in a parry. Gonifred felt the power in the blow, it squashed him to the ground, then Mordorath sent another blow at Gonifred from the side. Gonifred saw it coming and blocked it, but he was almost knocked off his feet. The red jewel in Mordorath's crown started to glow again and Mordorath stature, as big as it was already, seemed to grow in power and height. Gonifred swung a sword at Mordorath's head and the other one at Mordorath's side. Mordorath parried them with ease, then Mordorath swung his sword around in wild arcs to confuse Gonifred's eyes, then with both hands on his sword Mordorath took other side strike at Gonifred and Gonifred parried it with both swords and Mordorath's sword sheared through Gonifred's first sword, which dropped to the ground in two pieces and sent his second sword out of his hands and across the battle field some distance away.

Gonifred reached over his shoulder and pulled from a scabbard a two handed broad sword, it made a hiss when it was pulled from its scabbard, it shone with a soft pale light. The sword in length was a bit smaller then Mordorath's but made of much lighter and harder metals, which were very rare and expensive, called Klackie. Gonifred leaped at Mordorath with his sword Mordorath blocked it and lunged at Gonifred, Gonifred side stepped and thrust his sword into Mordorath's heart. It went through the mail and deep into Mordorath's evil hide and black blood started to trickle from the wound. The red jewel on Mordorath's crown started to glow again and the black blood stopped coming out. Gonifred looked on in amazement. The hole where he had stabbed Mordorath was gone, the only thing left to show where the wound had been was the hole in Mordorath's black mail. Mordorath now wielded his sword like a toy and hacked away at Gonifred's defense.


The Editrix said...
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The Editrix said...

Hi Legolas

I've just finished reading "The Burning Bridge" - I read the first half last night, then the second half this morning. I LOVED it! I read the first book a few weeks ago. They're certainly very hard to put down once you get started!

Anyways, thanks for lending them to me. I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

I'm trying to get Josiah and the twins to read them, but they don't seem to be interested at the moment. I'll see how I go.