Friday, January 9, 2009

Here are some photos of my friends and I in our Rangers Apprentice cloaks.


Abby said...

Cool! I LOVE the Ranger's Apprentice books! I'm going to make Ranger cloaks for my younger brothers and I! I see you also like The Lord of the Rings. I'm nearly done with The Fellowship of the Rings. I'm planning on doing a book review on Ranger's Apprentice this week and on TFotR this weekend. You can see my book reviews at


Aussie Bush Kids said...

HI Abby
Can I link to you on my sidebar or is your blog still private?

If you go to my mum's blog she has instructions to make a cloak.

Thanks for your blog link.

Inkgirl said...

I don't think that any of my blogs are private. You can link any of them.

I saw the instructions on your mum's blog! I'm probably going to make some in the summer!

Inkgirl said...

Oh, sorry, I used a different account for that comment. Inkgirl is the same as Abby. :)