Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Australia in danger

This is a story my friends and I have written over the weeks.


Tom was awoken from his sleep by noises at the back door. He sat up and looked at his 'glow in the dark' watch beside his bed, it was 1.30am. The noises at the back door stopped, Tom heard footsteps coming up the stairs, the footsteps continued past his room and stopped in front of the study.
Tom slowly got out of his bed, silently changed his clothes, got his torch from the bottom of the cupboard and moved towards his bedroom door trying to be as quiet as possible. He opened it quietly and stepped out into the hall. He walked down the hall to the study. The door was opened
a crack, he could just see a torch beam playing around the room.
"The intruder must be looking for one of my Father's documents." thought Tom. "I wonder why and which one?"
Tom decided he needed a better look at the intruder. He tried to open the door without it squeaking, but the door squeaked. Tom's heart froze for a couple of seconds; the intruder began walking towards the door, and Tom.


Tom quickly darted to the wall beside the door, just as the intruder opened the door to have a look for who it was. The person look this way and that but did not see Tom, who was hiding in the safety of a shadow. When the Intruder turned back to the study it left the door open so Tom had a look at what he was doing and it turned out that he was looking for something in his dad's private files which he kept locked and hidden. Now it so happened that Tom's dad was an important member of the Australian government and was the boss of a secret agent that was in charge of all the top secret doings in and out of Australia. So as you can imagine Tom's father was very wealthy and had a big home with even some employees like a butler, and a cook, and someone who Tom's dad had to look after most of his files and documents. All but the most important things, which Tom's dad looked after privately. This man was known in
the household as "The Aide" and was the most important worker in the house as was highly respected but was not the easiest person to get along with. Noteveryone liked him including Tom because every time they happened to walk past each other the Aide always looked down on him as if he was more important. He also reminded Tom of an 1800s gentleman. Tom just hated the sight of him. But Tom was also suspicious about him too. When ever the Aide thought he was by himself Tom would hear him say things like "I wonder when Code 46 is going to give the order to put the plan into action". In fact Tom just that afternoon had overheard the Aide talking to what seemed to be himself, but as Tom looked harder he could see a small microphone and headphones that the Aide was wearing and he said something like this " Yes it's me Code 46, I know where he keeps his files, tonight, good, yes I know what to do, see you at the place am tonight anything more, OK see you there bye".


Tom was so excited to hear this new! He could hardly wait! Toms mum died when he was young and so his dad had to look after tom ever since. Mrs Green the maid helped look after tom ever since he was a little baby and was like part of the family! Tom went straight to Mrs
Green and told her of his plan! Tom was planning to see what "the Aide" was up to! Mrs Green wasn't sure of this plan. She didn't really want tom to get hurt badly. So she just warned him to be careful. It was 8pm at the moment so tom wanted to get a good nights rest and set off to bed. Before he when to sleep he put a alarm on to 2:30 and so fell asleep.The night went so fast and all of a sudden it was 2:30! Tom got dressed fast and had breakfast and then got
his car keys and waited in his car for him. Tom noticed "the Aide" running to his car and driving away. tom followed a small distance behind him! Tom sow him slowing down and truing to the right. He went in side and tom decided to say hidden and watch thought the window, but he couldn't really hear much but three men mumbling and trading envelopes with how know what in it!!


Some minutes later "The Aide" came out of the building with the envelope and ran to his car and drove off. Tom followed "The Aide". He went back to Tom's house, "The Aide" went into the house, Tom followed "The Aide", he saw him put the envelope back in the filing cabinet where he got it from. Tom hid behind the door and saw "The Aide" go out of the
house and drive off. The next morning Tom told his best friend, Johnnie all that had happened and asked Johnnie what should he do next. Johnny said,"We need to find out what's in that file, that's so important." "O.K. you had better stay here tonight so we can look at it tonight when everyone is asleep." So Johnny stayed and at midnight they snuck into the study. They found the file quickly and were just about to look in it when they were blinded by a torch light and a deep voice said, "What are you two up to?"


Tom pushed the man over and Tom and Johnnie ran out of the room. They ran down the stairs and out the back door . Tom and Johnnie ran to the shadow of the bushes, a man came out of the house and looked around for some minutes then went back in to the house. "Tom, I hope that wasn't your father." " I hope so too." They crept back into the house, then they saw the Aide's car going down the street. The next night Tom saw a torch go past his door, the torch was heading to the study. The Aide was holding the torch Tom saw a gun in his other hand. Tom's heart froze, the Aide was coming back towards his room.


The torch stopped outside the door then there was a creak and voices. A few minutes later there was a click like a door locking and a car starting up. Tom was so scared that he stayed awake all night. The next morning Tom could hear voices in the hall, he got up and in
the middle of the hall was Mrs Green on the floor knocked out. His dad and the Aide were talking, there were paramedics looking over Mrs Green. Tom went to his dad and asked what happened. His dad said "I was on my way to the study when I found Mrs Green on the floor, the Aide came a few minutes later and also saw Mrs Green. He was just as puzzled as me." Tom's brain was working overtime. This meant that someone else was in the house, but who? No one but the servants have the key and know the password. Just then the Aide's mobile phone rang....


"Excuse me for a minute while I answer my phone." the Aide said. And walked away from the group into a room so he could not be heard. The paramedics were just lifting Mrs Green onto a stretcher and carrying her outside to where an ambulance was waiting. Tom walked away from the group so that he might get a chance to hear the Aide talking. He walked calmly down the hall so as not to draw attention, when he turned the corner out of sight he walked quickly
outside to the window of the room which the Aide had gone into. Tom put his ear close to the wall
just blow the window and tried to listen but all he could hear was a faint noise of some one talking which tom guessed was the Aide. Then the Aide started to raise his voice, "He's starting to get angry" thought Tom. He listened harder and he heard the Aide saying "We will meet at midnight outside that fountain near the park I told you about yesterday. No don't worry the 'bibs' (boys in blue) don't patrol that area so it will be nice and safe. Okay Bye." Tom walked quickly back into the house already thinking up a plan. After he and Johnnie had karate lessons this afternoon he would bring Johnnie back for a sleepover and then set his alarm clock to just before midnight. They would follow the Aide to the fountain although as the Aide had not said which park it would make it harder for them to find it by them selves. he walked over to the phone to call and see if Johnnie could came over.


"You can come? Great, what time? Sounds good to me, see you in an hour. Bye". In an hour John came and the two boys thought about the situation (because as everyone knows, boys are very head-strong). In the end they decided to go to the park at eleven-thirty and see what they were going to need to deal with the mob, or it might be one man, or it might be dozens. It turned out that when Tom and John got to the park there were just three men and some body-guards. Soon the Aide came and started to discuss things in a low voice which Tom couldn't hear. They also started trading what looked like sheets of paper. "The Aide most be giving some files to that man who looks like the boss, and he's giving the Aide some false files," said Tom. After a time the boss left, and the Aide soon departed himself. By this time it was 12:30am. "There is no chance of him going back home except to put those files back, so I think it will be safe to say we can have a good nights sleep, but before we hit the hay I would like to see these false files if that's what they are". So when the Aide had put the false files back in the filing cabinet and had left, the boys went in to
have a look. "It looks like the Aide took some files from the "Signed and Registered" cabinet and they, who ever they are, have replaced them with these". "I think the files that were here first were to be sent to the government for a go-ahead of the research on a new type of a nuclear war head to go on missiles and other weapons," said Tom. "I think I remember Dad talking about it and he said that if the research is successful, this new war head could cause up to three times the destruction of a normal nuclear weapon. So if the papers should fall into the wrong hands, the research might be put into practises by that country. That could mean a lot of danger to many nations. We have got to get those papers back, and fast!"


In the morning the boys woke up, after they had breakfast they went to see Mrs Green in the hospital. She was so happy to see them, Tom asked her tell them what happened in the night, she said that in the night she was going to the toilet and then she can not remember what happened after that. Just then a doctor came in and said, "You boys, can you please leave we need to talk to Mrs Green", when Tom and Johnnie left the hospital Tom went back to his place and Johnnie went to his house. The next day they tried to find more about where the files were, the day nearly went and they only found out where the "The Aide" lived and Tom and Johnnie were trying to hear "the Aide" talking on his mobile phone, Johnnie heard "the Aide" saying, "Meet me at post 14, meet me at post 14" and then "the Aide" came out of his house and they hid behind the bushes.


When the "Aide" had gone Johnnie asked Tom "What is post 14 and where is it?" "It is an old bomb shelter on the outskirts of Brisbane, it has an old radio station in it," Tom told him. The next day at school in the lunch break, Tom was sitting with Johnnie and he said, "I remember the "Aide" is on a one week holiday starting from today, which means that he could be anywhere by tomorrow, he could go to Brisbane and meet the guy at post 14." "By the end of the week he could have been to Brisbane and done anything!," said Johnnie. "The school term finishes tomorrow maybe we should ask if can we go to Brisbane, the butler is due for a holiday and he usually goes to Brisbane to visit his mum, he might let us go with him," said Tom, just then ding ding ding the school bell went. That night at tea Tom asked his dad could he and Johnnie go to
Brisbane on holiday with the butler. Tom's dad said yes he could and Johnnie could come too if his parents said yes. That night Tom rang Johnnie "Hello" said Johnnie "We can go!" Tom basically yelled through the phone, "That's great because I asked my parents and they said yes" replied Johnnie equally excited.


"Look there's the airport," said Johnnie excitedly. For the fist time he was going to fly. Tom parked the car and they went into the airport they were right on time, so they went to a nearby seat and sat down. Of course the aeroplane was late and they had already paid for their tickets the day before. "Look at this!" said Tom who had picked up a newspaper. "N.S.W beat Queensland in football yesterday!" Johnnie picked up a copy of the newspaper and started reading. Neither of them noticed the Aide walk by and because of the newspaper infront of their faces they did not see the Aide. Tom said, "Johnnie wasn't your butler supposed to be here by now?" "He was but if he doesn't arrive soon I guess we will just have to board the plane without him." And so it happened that Tom and Johnnie were on the plane and the Butler had stil not turned up. The waitress was going up and down the aisle giving chewing gum to all the passengers. Tom asked Johnnie, "Do you think there is any chance that the Aide is on this aeroplane?" "I doubt it." replied Tom "But he might be." But Johnnie had another question, "Tom how did you know where and what Post 14 was?" "I used to live in Brisbane," said Tom. The waitress was coming down the aisle again to make sure that everyone had their seat belt's on. By now Tom and Johnnie had their seat belt's on. Johnnie was still quite excited about flying. "Look Tom the plane is starting down the runway." The plane continued on down the runway and then took off. When they had been in the air for awhile, Tom said, I'm just going to go the toilet." When Tom came back he sat down and said quietly,"You were right the Aide is on this plane."


“Well that is a good thing” said Tom. “We would not have been able to get a motel without him. As the plane continued to climb John played some video-games on the PS2 which was lodged in the head rest in front of him. And Tom was looking at the screen on the head rest as well, only he was looking at other things. “Hey John did you know that at the moment we are 40,000 thousand feet in the air, traveling at 1000 kph, and outside the window the temperature is -55 and we should be landing in Brisbane in 4 hours”. “ Since when were you a mathematician? You came 20th in our maths test at school just two weeks ago!” said John. “It is all on the screen here”. Just then a flight attendant came along and said “ The Captain just asked me that he would be happy to show someone the flight deck. Would you like to come and see it boys?”.“Would we ever!” They both said at the same time. So the flight attendant led the John and Tom to a door where she typed a code into the lock and in they went in. “Hello boys” said the First Officer, “come to see what it’s like where all the action is?”. “You bet!” said Tom just as the flight attendant left them. The two boys were in the cockpit for most of the flight. In that time the first officer and the Captain showed Tom and John all the knobs, switches and computer screens and what they were all for. The two pilots, Tom, and John, soon became good friends. The thing that most interested the boys was the radios because an aeroplane has not one not two but up to ten radios for all kinds of things. John and Tom loved to hear the control tower talking
to other aeroplanes in the air, they would hear things like “ QANTAS 239 turn left to a heading of 280” and the plane would say in reply” Turning to 280 QANTAS 239”. Then the captain said “See if you can hear QANTAS 800” “What for said the boys?” “Because that is the name of this airliner” They didn’t hear QANTAS 800, but Tom did hear Red Line Sky “THAT IS MY DADS VIP JET!!!” Tom said amazed, “is that your dads plane Tom?” said Matt (which was the nick name of the first officer) “Red line sky carries only the most important government officials all over the world” “Yes that’s my dad all right but what is he doing in a plane now, he needed to soon go and inspect a new nuclear factory that would make that new war-head”. “Ooh, John those files the Aide gave to that man, they were files for a go ahead on a nuclear war-head as well, maybe this has something to do with it!”. “Maybe, but whey has your dad been called out in the first place?”, “I don’t know unless it’s a trap of some kind. What do you think about it Nick?” (nick name of the captain) I think that by the way you guys are blowing your tops it might be a trap. But I’ll tell you what, because we’ll be starting an approach soon you will need to head back to your seats, but we will need to continue talk about all of this some place in private. I know when we land you two can go to the door that will say “Pilot’s HQ”. Show the man at the door this” Nick gave the two boys a sheet of paper with some writing on it,“he should then take you to my briefing-room, wait for us there”. With the paper in Tom’s hand they went back to their seats. After landing Tom and John told the Aide to go on ahead and that they were go to see friends, so the Aide gave them the phone number of the place that he was going, and left them. The boys then went and did what Nick said and everything went to plan. Just then Matt and Nick walked in. “Well looks like you found the place alright” said Matt “Lets talk” so Tom and John told them all that had happened. “Well if you ask me it sounds like it might be time a good time to spend that extra leave I saved up” said Nick. ”You mean your coming with us Nick!. What about you Matt?” “ I’ll come as well. I once had a job with the government so I know how
things work which might come in handy”. “That’s great” “said Tom” but how do we find dad’s plane now I mean they might be all the way to Townsville by now”. “I don’t think so Tom. In the approach the tower was lining Red Line up as well so they will be on the ground too, but not for long, so we need to get moving!, I have my private jet in the GA parking spots I could get it
ready go in about half an hour I don’t think Red line will be ready to go for a while”. Everyone split up and made ready for the big adventure ahead of. Them what might they see?. What might do?,This was just going through Tom and John’s mind over and over again. By the time they all met up at Nick’s jet they were all so excited they dashed into the aeroplane and had they seat belts on so fast that Matt said “ At the rate you want to go we’ll be half way to London before you can say put your seat belts on” . As they were taxing on the ground Tom saw the familiar sight of Red Line Sky”. There’s my dad’s plane! Are they taxing as well Matt?“ “Yep and right on time. We can hear where they are going when they tell the tower and we will just say the same”. By this time Nick Matt Tom and John were turning on to the runway.” Right, everyone set, lets go” Nick poured on the coals and off they went on the big adventure.


"Wait I forgot I need a new part that will be arriving tomorrow. If I do
not have
this part the jet might explode in the air." said Matt.
"So will we have to go back to motel?" said Tom
"Yes you will have to go back. We will meet back here at 12 o'clock."
When Tom and John got back to the motel the Aide was on the phone and they
overheard him saying, "Yes boss, I will have the documents ... Yes they
the right ones."
Tom's heart froze! Tom and John went up to the room. Tom said to John "The
documents! If the enemy has the documents they would be able to ...


But he got no further in what he was saying, the Aide started coming towards
the door, quickly they went next
door into their own room. Johnnie and Tom flung themselves down on their
beds, Tom asked Johnnie shortly after,
"What were you saying about the documents?"
"They would be able to build their own nuclear warhead and by what I have
heard of this warhead they could blow up things like big cities or maybe
even whole countries!"
"Is it really that big?" asked Johnnie.
"From what my father has told me, yes! But because it is such a top secret
project my father can not tell even me much."
"So what are we going to do to stop him?" asked Johnnie.
"Well we could sneak into his room and try to find something like a plan or
someone's address, that might help us know what the Aide will do next. Or we
could just wait until the Aide goes to the bomb shelter, Post 14 and follow
him and listen into the talk, we might learn something new." said Tom.
"Well I think we should do both," said Johnnie.
"Before we sneak into his room we should think of an excuse in case we are
caught." said Tom.


So they went into the room and started to look around to find something interesting, but all they can find was a phone number and blank pieces of papers. (but were they really blank) Johnnie picked up the papers, turned off the lights and searched the papers under a small light. It said " Were taking the stuff away and moving to Perth, the documents will be in your hands soon." Tom and Johnnie just stood there shocked. Was this a trick to get them away from here or the real deal? tom and Johnnie took the phone number and got out of the room before anyone caught them. They both walked towards the phone and dialed the number. A man answered saying " Hi, this is Vermens Office how can i help you? "tom and Johnnie pretended to be the Aide saying " yes i have appointment, just checking what time it was." Then all of a sudden an old lady fell and tom and Johnnie went to help her, just as they were doing that the aide (who was watching and listening to them the whole time) snuck took the papers and want away. Tom turned around, and saw the aide running away with the important papers. Tom quickly ran after him, but by the time he made it to the car park the aide was gone! What were they going to do now and how are they going to find out where they are?


Johnnie and Tom looked at each other, and wondered what to do next. Suddenly they both yelled, " Post 14!"
They quickly got a taxi and asked to be taken to 235 Logan Rd - which was about 2 blocks from Post 14.
Johnnie asked Tom, "How do we get into Post 14?"
Tom said, "Follow me"
They snuck along the two blocks and when they got close Tom put his fingers to his lips and said SHHH! and then with his hand signaled to crawl along the ground after him. Johnnie followed. Suddenly Tom disappeared from Johnnie's sight. Johnnie started to panic, until he saw the hole in the ground in front of him. Looking down he saw a staircase leading underground with Tom at the bottom with his torch, he followed Tom down the steps and saw that they were in a large underground cavernous room with boxes everywhere. "No-one else is here yet," said Tom.
"Good then we have time to look around and find a good hiding spot" explained Johnnie
They looked around and decided to hide behind a stack of boxes close to the doorway for a quick escape.
Just then they heard voices approaching, "quick duck down!" said Tom, They were just in time as they heard the Aide's voice say....


“Well, here it is” said a voice that Tom guessed to be the Aides. Tom and Johnny saw the Aide and a large man dressed in a black leather jacket walk down the stairs. The Aide and the man looked around the room.

“Do you think it is enough?” asked the Aide.

“It’ll do.” The man replied.

“Remember,” said the Aide, “take all this tonight and plant it within this month and do it so it will be able to be kept hidden for a year. It would be no good if someone finds it or if water gets into it.”

“I do my job properly if the pays good. Where’s me money?”

“You get half now, half when the job is done.” said the aide taking out a rather fat wallet from his pocket and pulling out a wad of notes. The man took them greedily, counted them and then stuffed them in his pocket.

“Now will that ensure a good job Mr Richman?”

“Yes the job will be done good.” replied Mr Richman.

“Right if that’s finished then I’ll see you after the job for the rest of my money.”

Tom and Johnny heard Mr Richman’s car drive away, then they heard the Aide say to himself, “I must see if the missile chip is ready,” then the aide walked off. Tom and Johnny then heard the Aide’s car drive off.

“I wonder what the missile chip is?” said Tom thoughtfully.

“I’m more interested on what’s in those boxes” Said Johnny “look here’s a hole in this box… I will get a sample of it.” So he scooped up some of the powder and put it in his hanky and wrapped it up. “Now we better go!” said Johnny as he put the hanky in his pocket.

When they got back to the motel Johnny asked Tom “Did you bring your science kit?”

“Yeah, it’s in my bag.” replied Tom. Johnny searched in Tom’s bag until he found the science kit, then he set it up on the table.

After a while Johnny yelled triumphantly, “I know what it is! It’s gun powder!” exclaimed Johnny excitedly. “Wherever that guy is going to plant all those boxes will go sky high if they set them off. So now the big question is… Where is he taking them?”

Just then they heard someone coming up the hall outside, they heard the Aide’s door open and close they heard his voice… but it was muffled! So they could not hear what he said. Tom looking up saw an air grate in the wall that went in to the Aide’s room. They moved closer to the grate and could hear the Aide’s words clearer. They didn’t hear anyone else talking so figured that he was on his phone.

They heard him say “Yes boss I’ve arranged for those boxes to be planted in the drain pipes under Sydney Harbour Bridge. The next batch I will plant here in Brisbane. That will show the authorities that we mean business! When the time comes for the Nuke they’ll be so scared that they’ll dump the Prime Minister at the elections and you’ll be a shoe in for next PM when you’re the one that leads the rescue missions and disarm the bomb. I won’t have to blow up one of the cities with the nuclear warhead, but if we time it right I’ll still get the money as well.” “How is the work going on the war head? It should not be finished till the end of this year! How have you been able to have it finished in three months? The top most people in the country huh, I take it then that you have already installed the anti air defence missile chip? Good have you got this pest’s Father? Yes, okay, well I’ve got them going to Perth on a false lead. Okay Sayonara”.

The Aide flipped the lid on his mobile and then Tom and Johnny heard the door open and shut again. They looked at each other with horror and fear on their faces, could the Aide and his boss really be such cold killers as to kill all those innocent people?

“Tom he has your father,” said Johnny

“I know” answered Tom “But how do we find where he is being held?”

Tom and Johnny sat down on their beds after thinking about the things they had just heard. “Tom, what does Sayonara mean?”

“I think it’s Japanese for goodbye.”

“Tom, is the Aide Japanese?”

“No I don’t think so.” replied Tom, still thinking about how to rescue his father.

“That means that the person the Aide was talking to was probably Japanese.”

“So?” said Tom.

“That means that the Japanese may be trying to take control of the Australian government.”

“How do you figure that Johnny?”

“Well we heard the Aide saying something about his boss becoming Prime Minister and I think he’s Japanese.”

“Well we don’t know that for sure.” Said Tom

“If the rest of my theory is right then he is. I think now with the nuke Australia is building it is taking the whole approval of the Australian government, because of all the money that goes in to it and also because it takes a lot of experienced scientists. So where would this guy, the Aide was talking to, get both the money and the scientists? He might be able to get the money but not the scientists. He needs a whole country, so why not his home country”.

“Why would his own country be interested in getting him the job of Prime Minster?” said Tom interrupting.

“He probably would have offered them something like, when he’s PM he would help get more and more Japanese into high places in the Australian government and after a while they would be able to sell off Australia and give more and more business to their own country.”

“That’s a long stretch Johnny, from the one word ‘Sayonara’!”


"Gee wiz Tom, this sounds worse every minute! If I could get my hands on that boss I would... " "We’ve got no time for that John, we need to find out more. The first thing we should think about is how to get dad out of whatever the Aide has him in. Likely the bad guys will question him to get even more info, so we need to do this ASAP."
"Well where do we start Tom?"
" We can start by getting on to Mr Richman. He looked like a fat lazy lug, I think we can deal with him OK."
So Tom and John went back to Post14 and when Richman came in Tom yelled
"NOW!". They jumped on him and tied him up.
"Alright Mr Richman what do you know about this gang you are working for?"
"All I know is that you are a pair of loonies and I am not going to say anything" "Hmmmmm not talking, we will see about that when we get you to the police. There is another exit over there, let’s drag him up that way".
About an hour later Tom and John delivered the man to the police station and after the pair had explained what they knew and that Tom was the son of the Australian government secret agent the police took Mr Richman in for questioning. It took five hours but when Richman and the police officer came out of the questioning room the results were very surprising, so much if fact that the boss at the police station sent two squads of men to go and guard Post14 and the dangerous goods inside, and to capture anyone who would try to get inside. All this was done with top most secretes so as not to scare members of the gang away.
" But what about my dad the bad guys could get a lot of important information from him or even worse. Did that guy Richman say anything?"
said Tom.
" No he did’nt but we have some cules to wheir he might be, your suspicion about the leader being Japanese is correct and his name is Shenu Ove, the gang members are criminals and murders from all over the world. They base is in Miami, but they meet up in other places from Norway to Korea. They were offering this man 150 thousand US dollars to plant dynamite and other substances under the Brisbane and Sydney, and when that was done Shenu Ove could call the government and demand freedom and money otherwise he would explode the explosives which would kill thousands of people".
By this time Tom and John’s mouths had dropped, and when they got back to the hotel.
"Wow this is bigger then a James Bond movie and we’re fair smack in the middle of it" said John.
" And how are we going to act on this Tom", " I don’t know, we need to get to dad but how is the big question at the moment".
Just then the Aide came in and said "Right boys we’re off to Perth for a few days pack your bags we go tomorrow".
The next day when the Aide Tom and John were at the airport waiting to board the plane, a man came running to the Aide and took him aside and whispered something to him that stunned the Aide and then put a very serious look on his face.
" What was that all about?" asked John when the Aide had finished talking, " He just said that there was an important man to see me when we get to Perth".
On the plane John and Tom talked about what happened at the airport.
"That man might have told the Aide that Mr Richman was in prison which now means that Brisbane is safe for now but if they explode the explosives under Sydney Harbour Bridge that would be even worse! But I don’t think he was fibbing about the important man, likely he is an ambassador or something like that, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a sneak-peak at what they’re talking about ".
After arriving at Perth the Aide took them to their room and said that he was going to his room to see about this important man. The Aide’s room was just next door and there wasn’t any trouble into being able to hear what the Aide was saying.
" Welcome Shenu Ove" said the Aide,
" Not at all James" (which is the Aide’s name) Tom and John noticed a very distinct Japanese accent, "Now look here" said Shenu, "a little bird told me that the dynamite that was going into Brisbane’s Post 14 was stopped by two boys, who then put Richman one of our best men in prison and I have no doubt that he was questioned and that the police and the military know too much about my plan against Australia. If you weren’t so clumsy as you are I might have become PM by now have control over the government and the Mint".
Tom and John backed off into their room.
" Boy oh boy, are we in for it" Tom said " Well maybe not Tom because if we have stopped the gang from puting the stuff under Brisbane then someone could get rid of it under Sydney then this band of crooks would’nt have anything to cover them with which means the police could capture them without any risk. "
" That’s true John but what makes me so uneven is that phone call the Aide had back in Brisbane about bring us here maybe they intend to capture us just like m...." But just then three big men jumped onto them tired them up and gave them a sleeping drug.
" Good work now go and put them in the in the place".
When Tom woke up in was dark around him " John, John wake up", " Where is this place? We were asleep when they brought us here"
said John when he woke up " This must be cellar or something, gosh it’s dark down here".
Just then there was another sound that came from the other side of the room " Who are you"
the other voice said "DAD!" Tom almost yelled " What are you doing here"
Tom said "I might as well say the same Tom what are you doing here"
said Tom’s dad. After a happy reuniting Tom and John told all of had happened. " Well I’ll be dashed! All these years I had a traitor working for me", " But dad did they question you? When I found out that they had you prisoner that is what I feared most"
"No they did’nt Tom thank goodness but we need to get out now! Who knows what they might do to us"
" Do you know anything about the gang Mr Foster?"
said John " No I don’t know anything except that they are all rag-bags and that we need to get out of here! I have been working on a hole that I think should lead up on to the beach because if you did’nt notice this is a beach-side apartment so we should be up and out then we will got down to the airport and charter a plane to fly to Rottenest Island which is just off the coast, from there we can rest and work out a plan, that is my plan I don’nt know if half of it will work but it is the best we can do so lets get to work".
So after two hours of hard work they came to the sandy beach " Right lets go"
and up and out they went onto the sunny beach. They went along the beach for a little bit then they turned on to the road and caught a taxi to the airport.
After landing at Rottenest island the three went to get accommodation.
"Right boys I think what we need to do is to hit this gang head on so you know what that means don’nt you"
"You bet"
said the boys crackling they knuckles.
Next day Tom John and Mr Foster got on a plane and went back to Tom’s home " I need to get a few things I’ll be right back".
A few minutes later Tom’s dad came back with a metal briefcase. " What’s in the briefcase dad"
Tom asked " A pistol, never thought I would need it but in times like this it’s good to have one"
Were are we going now dad?" " Back to Perth to get hold of the gang".
Back in Perth they made they way up the stair case leading to the Aide’s room once they were there Tom’s dad kicked in the door and rased his gun.
" Got you red handed, a traitor"
said Mr Foster to Shenu Ove " Now come quitely or in chains"
they went down to the waiting police car. " Right lets go and see if there are any more, you two stay here I’ll go by my self I’ll be back in 15 minutes or so"
so up he went but after 15 minutes he did’nt come back they waited another five minutes but still he did’nt come down ". Something’s wrong I know it, I am going up! Are you coming with me John?"
" Dumb question"
was John’s answer John. " Right lets go!"
once they were in the Aide’s room there was nothing there "lets keep looking".
A few doors down they found Mr Foster unconscious " Dad, dad what happened"
" Tom he is out cold! We need to get him down stairs"
" Once I get my hands on the guy who did this he is going to cop it! lets go John"
" But Tom don’t you get it they’ve escaped they knocked your dad and they’ve LOOK there they go quick lets get in the police car officer quick need to run down those two cars!".
On the chase the police officer called for back-up, soon they was another six police cars and a helicopter trying to stop the run-away cars " This is the chase of a live time boys but we’ll get them yet we’ve got some spikes up ahead lets just hope they don’t take out other cars, I mean ripping though the state capital at 110kph risking they owe live doing this, alright here come the spikes"
Suddenly the two run-away cars stop and police officers caught the six men trying to get away but the officers had them covered, but one got away, quickly Tom and John ran after him they soon caught up to him and tripped him with a stick " Alright who are you you ra...... John I think we have caught the Aide once and for all".
After that all the explosives were found and taken away, the gang of theorists were put in prison.
One day when Tom and John were visited by the Prime Minister " You have saved the government and thousands of lives. Australia is and always will be in debt to you two"
"Well Mr Prime Minister we have had the adventure of a life time and are very proud of what we have done, but it is nice that Australia is once again safe".

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Good plot! Interesting! Makes you want to find out what happens, but poor grammar.

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