Monday, October 10, 2011


Being on a grain free diet makes it difficult to find recipes for pizza, the few recipes I have found, haven't always turned out, so I created my own.

I modified a pancake recipe drastically, then I fried three of my modified pancakes on my crepe maker, smeared BBQ sauce on each one, before stacking them on top of each other, with cheese in between one of the layers as well, making a triple decked pizza.

Now comes the topping:
cabanossi, salami, bacon, (I am most defiantly not a vegetarian) Pineapple, a little bit of capsicum and finally I finished it off with I heavy sprinkle of cheese.

The triple decked layers and texture of the pancakes caused the ending result to be a wonderful fat, spongy, pizza.


Ruby said...

That is one epic pizza! Looks really good!!

Legolas said...

Thanks Ruby.