Sunday, October 9, 2011

Camp & Friends

Over the past couple of weeks we have been quite busy. We went to our annual Catholic Homeschool camp, then our camp friends from South Australia, came back to stay at our place for another wonderful week.


At camp my young brother and sister made their Confirmation and first Holy Communion, with the Bishop.

I joined in the choir for the first time, It's going to take me a long time to be able to sing in Latin.


We had a big dance night Wednesday night, first time boys have actually attended.

I learnt swing dancing, thanks to a wonderful teacher, Elyse B (shes the girl I'm dancing with in the first photo below)


Thursday morning was the day of the sports day, which for me involved getting up early to help set up, then participating in sports till lunch time.

(I'm the one in the blue shirt)

Thursday night was the concert night I was MC this year, which meant I had permission to tell lame jokes, much to the delight of the audience :)

I won the camp trophy for Best & Fairest.

After the concert all the teens went down to the bonfire on the beach.

After the bonfire the annual staying up all night for the teens commenced, sadly for the first time, I was unable to attend I had to go to bed at 3:00Am because I had my soccer grand finals the next day.

(At the beginning of the night)

(Near the end)

Some of the things we do on the all nighter is pig out on junk food. We also do shots with fizzy drink (fizzy drinking competition), just what every parent wants their good Catholic teens to do. I just lost the contest coming seconded by a second or two, which meant losing my title from the previous year.

Friday morning we packed up and left, only to find that half the camp had come home with us. Three camp families had come to our place for lunch and to see our extensions we have been working on for the house.

Over the next week we had the M family (our friends from South Australia) stay with us. along with another local family from camp coming around most nights for tea, meant 27 people at the tables.

The first Friday they all came to my soccer game to be my cheer squad with two other local families there supporting me, I had a total of 36 people cheering me on. They took up a whole stand. With support like that you would expect my team to win, but sadly we lost 7-0, yeah we got flattened :).

That night we all caught an awfull vomiting bug, it must have been a wonderful holiday for our friends (I will not be showing you any pictures of it!). after one day, almost everyone was better and we were able to go back to having fun.

We all immensely enjoyed riding the dune buggy around the paddocks.

Some of our guest's I instructed in driving the buggy, about 4-5 people were taught by me (and no they didn't crash it).

There were also big games of Halo multiplayer between our two families

After a week of fun, we enjoyed a movie night on the last night before the Ms left for the long trip home.


Linda said...

What a great post. You all did so well with the dancing and D is very proud to have won the 'drinking competition'! Congratulations on winning the trophy, you deserved it. :)

Legolas said...

Thanks Mrs M :)

I thought D looked pretty happy with himself :)

God bless