Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blade Boards

After two of my siblings birthdays we now hold two blade boards in the house. Having no concrete to ride on, means we ride them up and down the hallway with turning points at each end.

The Great Hall is one of the turning points. Being such a large space we thought, 'why not do more with it'? So that's what we did. My younger brother climbed up into the rafters and tied a rope so that it was dangling down to about his chest height. We used the rope to spin around the Great Hall and used the momentum to propel us back down the hallway, or to just keep spinning faster, and faster, until we were too dizzy to continue.

My younger sister invented the method of yelling KARKAR! (same noise as in robots for their alert word) as we shoot back down the hallway, this was to avoid fatalities.

(the rope is a bit hard to see)

Today I came up with a fun but dangerous game 'blade board jousting'. I made two jousting poles by attaching padded boxing gloves onto the end of two straight short solid poles, next I duct taped towels along the whole length, so not a bit of wood would be left unprotected to inflict injures.

After making a couple of makeshift cardboard shields, we were ready to joust.

The objective: knock your opponent off their blade board.

Gathering a big run up from either end of the house we charged!


Linda said...

LOL! Yep, I knew it - completely crazy!

Imogen said...

Sounds like awesome fun! I'd never be able to stay on a blade board, so well done for being able to joust on them!

Legolas said...

Hi Mrs M

LOL, yep :)

Hi Imogen

It is loads of fun:) Thanks.


Rogan said...

Ive tagged you