Sunday, November 8, 2009

Book Review

The Stone Holding is the first book of a series not yet completed. It is pretty heavy reading, but very interesting. It resembles The Lord Of The Rings a bit but has it's own uniqueness. I really enjoyed its fantasy creatures, and the action that was all through it kept the story exciting.

*The following is heavy on story plot, read no further unless want to spoil it for yourself.

It's all about a young man named Kalaquinn(Kal) Wright, whose town and valley is under attack by the evil forces called, Scorpion Dragoons. The Scorpion Dragoons are controlled by the Kingdom's right hand man Ferabek. Ferabek wants to kill the true blood prince of Arvon and take over the throne. He thinks the highlanders know where he is. The highlanders flee to a ancient stronghold in the mountains to keep alive. The stronghold is meant for the Hordanu. The Hordanu are high bard's and healers, they are known and praised throughout the land of Arvon. At this time there is only one Hordanu, and he is old. So in secret he makes Kal a Hordanu with only Kal's best friend Galli as a witness. He shows Kal the golden harp of legends. The harp has magical powers that can keep evil at bay. They make it to the stronghold but shortly after arrival Wilum, the old Hordanu is killed, and the harp is stolen. They are in danger of being overrun by the enemy when Kal stumbles upon a passage to the underground city of the Hammers. The Hammers decide to help Kal's people only, when, they learn that he is Hordanu. They shelter the highlanders underground with them.
This concludes Book One.

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Sounds interesting, I'll have to check it out! :D