Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Rising Of The Black Tide

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They had eight arms/tentacles, four at the front and four at the back. Each hand had claws, they had eyes at the front and back of their head and could switch them around. When the front eyes were closed you could tell that they were using their back eyes, they had a head sort of like an octopus and a kurnark. They were bigger and stronger then kurnarks, but not as big or strong as trolls, their skin is hard and leathery and they are fatal to horses if equipped with a pike. If they are hurt they go into berserker rage. With these creatures Mordorath was now gaining the upper hand in the war.

Gonifred saw all the people dying around him, he yelled to Mordorath to face him in a single combat. Mordorath heard from his dark tower him and laughed an evil laugh that striked fear in anyone that heard it. Overly eager to test his new powers Mordorath pressed on to the battlefield. Mordorath appeared at the top of the wall that overlooked the battlefield, with his two captains clad black on either side of him, Mordorath's voice rang out over the din of battle.
"I accept your challege!" Mordorath sent out a mind control message to his creatures, they stopped fighting and backed away. The elves, men and dwarves did likewise.

Mordorath stepped down from the wall and was lost from sight, then the gates creaked open and Mordorath strode out, his creatures parted to either side for him to walk through. He stopped just in front of Gonifred, his monsters gathered around them in a half-ring while the elves, men and dwarves formed the opposite side of the ring. Gonifred stood proud and tall with his long yellow hair flowing in the breeze, his fair face was dirtied and blacked by battle, in his hands he held two long elf swords. As Mordorath's red eyes bore into Gonifred the red jewel in his black crown started to glow, then it stopped. In a flash Mordorath had drawn his massive broadsword that hung at his waist and struck an overhead blow at Gonifred.

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