Monday, February 16, 2009

The Rising of the Black Tide

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Binfur replied, "My father taught me, he told me that his father had taught him and so on throughout the ages, all the way back to the Dwarves of Old."
"Okay" said Daffwield who was now quiet, curious as to what the writing said. "So what does the writing say?"
Binfur studied the writing for some time and then he started to read it out loud so the other dwarves could know what it said.

"It tells of a great battle fought against a powerful, dark lord Mordorath and his monsters.

The elves, men and dwarves of the land Alonor allied together and mustered a great army and marched against Mordorath to his dark fortress Dungudy, before his power grew too great, to defeat Mordorath. Mordorath sent his armies out to meet them and before the gates of Dungudy a great and terrible battle was fought. It lasted for many days and then the allies started to drive the enemy back. Mordorath called a retreat, his Kurnarks and trolls drew back into Dungudy and the gates were closed.

That night there were celebrations in the EMAD(Elves,Men and Dwarves) camp, they had won a great battle. But they all knew that they had not won the war. Later that night a sentry sounded the alarm, the sky seemed to be lit up and a bright light was coming towards them fast, there was flapping of giant wings and a row of tents burst into flames.
"Dragon!" People were shouting; and were running in terror away from the terrifying creature, just then Gonifred, son of the king of elves, directed a volly of arrows at the dragon. Arrow after arrow flew at the dragon, most of them just bounced off its thick scales, all the while the dragon was setting fire to more tents and swooping down upon men, elves, dwarves and horses. But some of the arrows were finding their mark and piercing through the dragon scales, the dragon was young and its scales were not yet fully developed, the dragon gave one last breath of flames and flew back to Dungudy leaving behind fire and death and chaos. Captains organised a water chain and the fires were soon put out. The dead were buried and the panic stricken horses were rounded up, the leaders of the armies were now considering this new threat and a way to defeat Mordorath. They all decided on laying siege upon Dungudy.

The siege lasted for many months, in that time many a battle had been fought and many were lost on both sides, but the Kurnarks kept on multiplying and then Mordorath made new creatures, Octopus type creatures that go on land and sea."

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